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  • Adjust design to get green bar

    Adjust design to get green bar

    A while ago I read the pragmatic programmer. In the book are many tips listed. In the back of the book there is an tear-out card with all the tips collected. As I’m working on different locations all the time I rarely look at the card. The tips however seem very useful to me. Therefore I created…

  • Review: The clean coder

    Last week I finished reading the clean coder written by @unclebobmartin. The book’s subtitle: “A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, summarizes the book quite good.

  • How I learned about customer value

    The article do users change their settings remembered me about a program I wrote as a student. I created a tool to categorize my expenses similar like Yunoo a.k.a. Afas Personal. This was however a local application. Why the heck should you share your finances on the internet? But let me go back to my…

  • Review: The pragmatic programmer

    Finally I had time to read the pragmatic programmer: From journeyman to master. I wish I prioritized differently. The book is written by @PragmaticAndy & @pragdave. This is the second book written by Andy Hunt I’ve read. Read my blog posts about that book. The pragmatic programmer is ranked 2nd in “Top Ten Most Influential…

  • Developer certificates are similar to triple A ratings

    Maybe it is a far-fetched comparison but to me developer certificates (e.g. the Sun Java Certified Programmer) are quite similar to the triple A ratings issued by companies like S&P. Let me try to explain why I think they are similar.