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  • Not getting financial insight

    Not getting financial insight

    TL;DR In this post I describe how I discover some imperfections in the current domain. This hampers me in getting financial insight. I fix these imperfections by creating new Category rules. After creating new rules I refactor the rules in to a simpler form. Furthermore I fix Transaction in the domain. As the found issues…

  • Putting the domain to work

    Putting the domain to work

    In this post I create a way to import transactions and categorize them. Basically putting the earlier created domain to work. In the end I get some insight into my spendings, however not completely done yet. The resulting code can be found at GitHub.

  • Continuing Domain Driven Design

    Continuing Domain Driven Design

    tl;dr In this post I continue my progress towards an DDD version of my favorite pet project. In this iteration I add a way to check the budget against the real expenses. The code is on GitHub and the picture contains the new model. Continuing Domain-Driven Design In my previous blog post I started to…

  • Applying Domain-Driven Design

    Applying Domain-Driven Design

    tl;dr In this post I apply Domain-Driven Design to my favorite pet project. The picture above contains the resulting model. The resulting code can be found at GitHub. My attempt on Domain-Driven design As mentioned in my previous post I need to learn Domain-Driven Design for my new job. In this post I apply the…

  • Learning domain-driven design

    Learning domain-driven design

    On my new job the department is applying Domain-Driven Design. I did read Domain-Driven Design – Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans a couple of years back. However as I never used it I need to learn how to apply it. So in order to really learn DDD I started to…