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  • Learning domain-driven design

    Learning domain-driven design

    On my new job the department is applying Domain-Driven Design. I did read Domain-Driven Design – Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans a couple of years back. However as I never used it I need to learn how to apply it. So in order to really learn DDD I started to […]

  • Adjust design to get green bar

    Adjust design to get green bar

    A while ago I read the pragmatic programmer. In the book are many tips listed. In the back of the book there is an tear-out card with all the tips collected. As I’m working on different locations all the time I rarely look at the card. The tips however seem very useful to me. Therefore I created a small Google App engine application that sends me a random tip every day. TDD-ing my way through the requirements I now get a tip every day. During the development I ran into one little problem with stubbing my randomizer method.

  • Review: The clean coder

    Last week I finished reading the clean coder written by @unclebobmartin. The book’s subtitle: “A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, summarizes the book quite good.

  • Working with ATG

    Now I’m working with ATG for a couple of months I want to share my thoughts on the platform so far. Let me first introduce ATG. ATG is an ecommerce platform. It promises to deliver out of the box functionality to create complex ecommerce websites. That’s all I want to say regarding the bullshit bingo. Today I’ll discus ATG as seen by a developer. There are many other perspectives to see if the software suits your needs.

  • Vergelijking tussen Intellij Idea en Eclipse

    Nu ik een tijdje gebruik maak van Intellij Idea wil ik een korte vergelijking maken tussen Intellij Idea en Eclipse. Om preciezer te zijn een vergelijking om te werken aan een Google App Engine project. Volgens de website is (de betaalde ultimate edition van) Intellij Idea geschikt om Google App Engine (GAE) projecten mee te ontwikkelen.