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  • Naive Bayesian Classifier on transactions

    Naive Bayesian Classifier on transactions

    For a long time I have the idea to enhance my BudgetApp application with machine learning techniques. After trying a implementation of the K-nearest-neighbor algorithm. I finally use a bayesian classifier implementation which works quite well.

  • Leaky abstractions in JPA eclipselink

    In our team we use JPA, EclipseLink to be precise. Now we start stress testing we notice something weird. The child relations of a entity are not updated if we only save the child. Probably we can prevent it by some configuration/annotation or other way, but we use an ORM to make sure we don’t…

  • Devnology codefest: Space Invaders quine

    As a participant in Devnology Code Fest Space Invaders, I immediately knew what the solution should be: A Space Invaders quine.

  • Review: The clean coder

    Last week I finished reading the clean coder written by @unclebobmartin. The book’s subtitle: “A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, summarizes the book quite good.

  • Developer certificates are similar to triple A ratings

    Maybe it is a far-fetched comparison but to me developer certificates (e.g. the Sun Java Certified Programmer) are quite similar to the triple A ratings issued by companies like S&P. Let me try to explain why I think they are similar.