Review 2015, plans 2016

Willst du?

Has another year really flown by? My Calendar definitely says yes. So it is time to look back at 2015 and make plans for 2016.


Good things I want to continue

As you probably can see from my previous posts I somewhat obsessed by my personal finance situation. At least that is what other people in my environment tell me. For me I just like numbers statistics, in other words I’m a nerd and I’m perfectly happy with that. In the beginning of 2015 I made plans to be financially independent in approximately 25 years. I was able to stick to this plan since I made it. I won’t go in the details here (sounds like worth a post of his own). Some people in my environment tell me this is impossible, maybe this is true but planning for it makes me at least in the less dependent on my job in the future.

In the beginning of the year I had a job quite far from home. I was lucky to find a job with more responsibilities closer to home. Details about this you can find at my LinkedIn profile. I love this job and hope I’m able to keep it the coming year.

Things I want to improve

One thing I totally failed at in 2015 is blogging. If I look at my post list for 2015 it tells me there are exactly 0 posts so far. So the plan for 2016 is to have a monthly post. Not sure what the content will be, but in this post at least I found 1 subject to explore.

In 2015 I was very busy with my job and lots of other stuff that was really important. I totally forgot to sharpen the knife. So in 2016 I need to spend more time and effort on learning new things. This includes professional skills and personal skils.

Yes I was busy and I totally forgot about my photography hobby. I made some nice pictures, but not nearly enough if you look at the fun it brings me.

Plans 2016

So there are some things to improve on as I mentioned in my review of 2015: Blogging at least once a month, learn new things like exploring the topic of machine learning, spend at least 1 day a month making very nice photos

The biggest plan however is to marry my girlfriend. This will not only affect 2016 but probably the rest of my life. After being together for more than 10 years I feel this is the best way forward. This will affect my plans for being financially independent in a negative way and will cost a lot of time planning that could harm my other plans but I think this is totally worth it.

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