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  • quick update

    quick update

    A long overdue update from my side. As mentioned in previous post I got married last year. Next to that this year we welcomed a newborn daughter. So my life changed a lot the last 12 months. Update on my path to financial independence We saved a bit less than the goal (25%) of last…

  • Review 2015, plans 2016

    Review 2015, plans 2016

    Has another year really flown by? My Calendar definitely says yes. So it is time to look back at 2015 and make plans for 2016.

  • Is income equality in companies a key to success?

    After the TED talk by Richard Wilkinson about life expectancy and income (in)equality I wonder if the same correlation exists in companies.

  • Developer certificates are similar to triple A ratings

    Maybe it is a far-fetched comparison but to me developer certificates (e.g. the Sun Java Certified Programmer) are quite similar to the triple A ratings issued by companies like S&P. Let me try to explain why I think they are similar.

  • Logica Hack-a-thon 2011

    Na het succes van de hack-a-thon vorig jaar besloot Logica om er dit jaar een vervolg aan te geven. Natuurlijk was ondergetekende weer van de partij.